UK Businesses Face Heightened Cybersecurity Threats

Recent research has exposed a concerning reality for businesses in the UK, with one in five reporting falling victim to cyber attacks or incidents. The study, conducted by Aviva, highlights that nearly one in 10 small businesses have experienced a cyber incident

Amazon Ads Empowering Small Businesses

As the business world evolves, entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are confronting unprecedented challenges. Faced with the need to achieve more with limited resources, the pressures on SMBs can seem overwhelming. However, there is a powerful solution that has proven

New banking rules bad for Small Businesses – Wall St. Execs

In an annual Senate oversight hearing, CEOs of eight major Wall Street banks expressed concerns and pushed back against proposed regulations aimed at increasing the levels of capital they are required to hold against potential risks. The proposed changes, known as the

Small business owners unoptimistic about economy

Sentiment among small-business owners in the United States reached its lowest level in 30 months in November, according to a survey conducted by the Job Creators Network Foundation. The index tracking overall sentiment about the economy fell to 51.9 in November, a

Mastercard Strive issues nearly $2m in grants

The Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth announced the newest grant recipients of the Mastercard Strive Innovation Fund, with nearly $2 million in grants distributed globally. Mastercard Strive supports early-stage solutions with the potential to drive outsized impact for small businesses in the

Canada seals deal to slash Small Business Card Fees

The Government of Canada has officially announced the successful negotiation of agreements with Visa and Mastercard aimed at reducing credit card transaction fees for small businesses. These agreements also include provisions to safeguard reward points offered to Canadian consumers by major banks

UK School Wins $150,000 Climate Innovation Prize at COP28

Northfleet Technology College in Kent, United Kingdom, has been awarded the Zayed Sustainability Prize of $150,000 (£118,000) for climate innovation at the COP28 summit in Dubai. The school earned the prize for its innovative beehive business, where two beehives produce honey and

Gold Prices Reach New High as Traders Shift Strategies

Gold prices have surged to a new high, crossing $2,000, as traders adjust their investment strategies amid rising expectations of rate cuts. This shift comes after nearly two years of rising interest rates, which fuelled demand for US dollars and specific types

Federal funding for vet-owned SMEs rises in FY23

Federal loans to veteran-owned small businesses saw a significant increase of 14% last year, continuing a positive trend for entrepreneurs in the military community, as announced by officials from the Small Business Administration (SBA) on Monday. In fiscal year 2023, the agency

Small Businesses want right to fight back

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) has submitted an amicus brief to the United States Supreme Court in the case of Corner Post, Inc. v. Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. This case centres on the determination of when

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