Paytm Gets Government Approval to Invest in Key Subsidiary

Paytm has received approval from a government panel overseeing investments linked to China to invest 500 million rupees ($6 million) in its crucial subsidiary, Paytm Payment Services. This decision, which still requires vetting by the finance ministry, removes a major obstacle for the subsidiary to resume normal operations. Paytm Payment Services is a significant part of the company’s business, contributing a quarter of the consolidated revenue for the financial year

Thai Consumer Confidence Hits Yearly Low Amid Political Instability

Thai consumer confidence has plummeted for the third consecutive month, reaching its lowest level since October last year, according to a recent survey by the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTCC). The consumer confidence index dropped to 60.5 in May from 62.1 in April, reflecting growing concerns over the country’s economic recovery and ongoing political uncertainty. The UTCC

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