AI-generated Deepfake Technology for Advertising Purposes

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The news report discusses how Singaporean actress, model, and former radio DJ, Jamie Yeo, has embraced AI-generated deepfake technology for advertising purposes. Deepfake technology involves using artificial intelligence to create highly realistic videos or images of individuals, making it appear as though they are saying or doing things they haven’t actually done.

In this case, Jamie Yeo signed a deal with a financial technology firm called Hugosave, which allows them to use a digitally manipulated likeness of her for selling their content. The process involves capturing her face and movements in front of a green screen and recording her voice in a studio. An AI program then synchronizes the images with the audio to create a digital alter-ego capable of delivering various messages.

While there are concerns about the impact of AI-generated deepfakes, with Hollywood actors’ unions even going on strike over better protections against the misuse of AI for their members, Jamie Yeo is not worried and believes that the technology is here to stay. She thinks that even if some people may be scared and choose not to embrace it, others will undoubtedly use it.

Celebrities like Lionel Messi, David Beckham, and Bruce Willis have also experimented with deepfake technology for advertising purposes. The technology allows advertisers to create personalized and persuasive content, and it is expected to become a regular practice in the advertising industry in the coming years.

However, analysts point out the “dark side” of deepfake technology, as it can lead to a “crisis of trust” where consumers may struggle to distinguish between what is real and what is fake. This could be exploited for harmful purposes, such as spreading misinformation or fake content.

Overall, the emergence of deepfake technology raises important ethical considerations, and the advertising industry needs to be vigilant about its proper and responsible use to prevent potential negative consequences.