Beloved local business closes up after 75 years in operation

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Young’s Custard Stand, a cherished family-owned institution, bid farewell as it officially closed its doors. For 75 years, this iconic soft-serve haven had been a steadfast presence in the community, serving up not just creamy delights but also decades of memories.

The story of Young’s Custard Stand is one of enduring familial dedication, as it had been owned and operated by the Young family since its inception in 1948. Generations of the Young family diligently worked to establish a reputation for serving the finest custard in town, all accompanied by warm smiles.

Carli Gilchrist, a 4th-generation employee, reflected on the custard stand’s rich history and deep community ties. “My great-grandparents started it all, and then my grandparents took the reins, followed by my parents,” she recounted. Carli herself had assumed the role of custodian of this cherished tradition alongside her father in recent years, making the decision to close all the more bittersweet.

As the final hours ticked away, loyal customers flocked to the stand, forming lines that wrapped around the building. For many, it was a poignant moment, a chance to savour their favourite scoops one last time while bidding adieu to an institution that had become an integral part of their lives.

Over the years, Young’s Custard Stand had not only served ice cream but had also become an integral thread in the fabric of the community. “We’ve seen proposals out here,” Carli recounted with a fond smile. “We’ve had many in wedding dresses, prom dresses, baby’s first cones. We’ve been a part of all these people’s lives, we’ve weaved our way into their hearts, and they’ve become a part of our hearts and family.”

Despite the somber note of closure, the Young family is looking ahead with optimism. Mr. Young, in particular, is gearing up for a cross-country adventure in his new RV, embracing the opportunities that lie beyond the custard stand’s cherished legacy.

As the final moments unfolded, the custard stand was originally slated to close its doors at 9 p.m. on that Sunday. However, a touching display of community spirit ensued, as the shop extended its hours, ensuring that every customer in line could enjoy one last sweet treat. It was a fitting conclusion to an enduring chapter in the community’s history.