CapitalBox Unveils SME-Focused Collateral Lending Programme

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SME funds

CapitalBox, a prominent fintech lender catering to small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across Europe, has officially introduced its latest offering: a comprehensive collateral lending programme tailored specifically to the needs of SMEs. This initiative marks a significant expansion of CapitalBox’s lending solutions, aimed at addressing the financing requirements of traditionally underserved businesses in Europe.

The newly launched collateral lending programme by CapitalBox offers secured instalment loans ranging from €100,000 to €1 million. These loans provide small- and medium-sized enterprises with the necessary capital infusion to not only sustain their operations but also fuel substantial growth initiatives. With this financial support, businesses can undertake strategic endeavours such as expanding into new markets, investing in essential machinery, developing innovative products, and meeting escalating customer demands.

Combining CapitalBox’s existing instalment loan product with the added security of real collateral, this new lending programme aims to mitigate default risks significantly. By leveraging collateral assets, CapitalBox can extend more competitive loan offers, including lower annual percentage rates (APRs) and higher loan amounts, thereby empowering high-grade SMEs with enhanced financial resources.

Mantvydas Štareika, CEO of CapitalBox, expressed the company’s dedication to supporting SMEs by introducing this innovative lending solution. He emphasised the program’s alignment with CapitalBox’s mission to streamline lending processes and cater to the diverse needs of SMEs. Štareika anticipates that this initiative will attract a broader spectrum of SMEs to CapitalBox’s platform, facilitating their growth and success.

Jorma Jokela, CEO of Multitude, underscored the significance of CapitalBox’s collateral lending programme in providing crucial financial support to businesses amidst economic uncertainties. He highlighted the expansion of CapitalBox’s product range as a strategic move towards fostering growth and enhancing shareholder value for the Multitude Group.

To access these collateral loans, businesses are required to provide information about their collateral assets and financial status to CapitalBox’s team. Loan approval is subject to thorough verification processes, including external valuation reports and internal credit assessments conducted by CapitalBox’s credit committee. Additionally, verified external valuators ensure the accuracy of collateral valuations, further enhancing the security of the lending process.

With a focus on real collateral acceptance, including industrial property, business premises, corporate mortgages, and transportation and investment assets, CapitalBox’s collateral lending programme offers competitive and flexible financing solutions tailored to the unique needs of SMEs across Europe.