Concepcion Urges Expansion of Mentorship Programmes

2 mins read

In a bid to bolster support for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the Philippines, Go Negosyo founder Joey Concepcion has emphasised the critical need for more mentors from diverse business backgrounds. The non-profit advocacy group aims to assist at least 200,000 small businesses in the country by 2028, underscoring the pivotal role of mentorship in achieving this ambitious goal.

During a recent meeting with the heads of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) chapters in the National Capital Region, Concepcion highlighted the indispensable role of mentors in driving growth and sustainability for MSMEs. “As we ramp up our efforts to mentor MSMEs, we require mentors hailing from esteemed business groups,” stated Concepcion.

Trade Undersecretary Cristina Roque, leading the newly formed Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Group, emphasised the profound impact of uplifting even a modest percentage of MSMEs on the nation’s economy. “Uplifting just 10 percent of MSMEs will significantly contribute to economic growth,” remarked Roque.

Echoing this sentiment, PCCI National President Nina Mangio underscored the transformative power of mentoring for MSMEs. “Mentoring is a cornerstone of empowering MSMEs,” affirmed Mangio, highlighting the palpable impact witnessed by PCCI members at various events.

Concepcion recently announced plans to deepen collaborations with the country’s premier business organisations to align with the government’s thrust to leverage MSMEs for national development. Go Negosyo aims to fulfil its commitment of aiding 200,000 MSMEs by 2028 by providing them access to the three essential pillars of entrepreneurship: capital, markets, and mentoring.

The organisation’s initiatives encompass a wide array of programmes, including public entrepreneurship mentoring events, structured learning courses, online seminars, national summits, and specialised programmes catering to youth, women, overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), tourism, and digital technology.

Through concerted efforts and strategic partnerships, Go Negosyo endeavours to pave the way for the sustained growth and prosperity of MSMEs, driving economic empowerment and inclusive development across the Philippines.