Cummins Partners with Verizon Business

3 mins read

Cummins Inc. and Verizon Business have forged a pioneering agreement to introduce Verizon’s new Neutral Host Network product at Cummins’ Jamestown Engine Plant (JEP) in Lakewood, NY. This transformative collaboration combines a Neutral Host Network with a Verizon Private 5G Network, catering to distinct public-network and private-network requirements at the site. With this initiative, Cummins aims to leverage advanced technological capabilities to optimise operations and further elevate the quality of its engine production.

The implementation at Cummins’ Jamestown facility involves utilising the Neutral Host Network to connect phones and tablets to the public networks of major U.S. carriers participating in the network, while employing the Private 5G Network on Verizon licenced spectrum for business-critical applications demanding heightened onsite security or capability.

The comprehensive network coverage spans the industrial and outdoor spaces of the site, supporting the operations of 1,500 employees engaged in producing approximately 500 heavy-duty truck engines daily. Ericsson serves as the sole platform provider for Verizon Business for the network deployment.

The integration of the Verizon Neutral Host Network enhances mobile connectivity for employees and visitors, while the Verizon Private 5G Network facilitates the adoption of advanced industrial applications. These applications include autonomous mobile robots, computer vision, augmented reality, machine health monitoring, and secure onsite operations management, among others.

Shawn Hricko, Plant Manager at Cummins Jamestown Engine Plant, expressed enthusiasm for the transformative potential of the Neutral Host and Private 5G Networks at JEP. He highlighted the role of these networks in accelerating Industry 4.0 strategies, enhancing communication among team members, sharing data across equipment, and enabling the implementation of mobile industrial robots.

Ron Fleetwood, Executive Director of Cummins IT Business Services, underscored the significance of deploying a Private 5G Network at the Jamestown facility, emphasising its role in driving digital transformation and creating a world-class workplace for employees.

Jennifer Artley, Senior Vice President of 5G Acceleration at Verizon Business, lauded Cummins’ technology-focused approach and highlighted the holistic nature of the solution, which addresses diverse connectivity needs effectively and efficiently.

Brian Partridge, Head of Research at 451 Research, emphasised the strategic value of offering Neutral Host and Private 5G network capabilities together, enabling comprehensive support for both public connectivity and specialised private network use cases on customer campuses or worksites.

The collaboration between Cummins and Verizon Business exemplifies a forward-looking approach to leveraging cutting-edge technology for operational excellence, connectivity optimisation, and future-ready industrial capabilities.