Employment Hero Integrates with Google & Microsoft to Help SMEs

2 mins read
SMEs leaders strategising

In a bid to bolster support for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), Employment Hero, an Australian-founded employment management platform, has unveiled new integrations with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. These enhancements aim to automate processes and simplify the hiring journey for SMEs, who often grapple with limited IT resources while striving to attract and retain top talent.

The latest feature introduced by Employment Hero automates the setup and deactivation of Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 accounts for employees, effectively reducing administrative burdens and expediting the onboarding and offboarding processes. This strategic move aligns with the pressing need to address talent shortages reported by 82% of hiring leaders in recent times, emphasising the importance of swift and efficient recruitment procedures.

Dave Tong, CPTO and Co-Founder of Employment Hero, underscored the company’s commitment to facilitating seamless hiring experiences with a single click. “We are alleviating unnecessary strains on IT departments and simplifying software provisioning and management,” Tong stated, highlighting the potential time savings for organisations facing a high volume of hires.

Moreover, Tong reiterated Employment Hero’s dedication to streamlining SME management by minimising time, administrative tasks, and financial costs. “Our focus is on enhancing the operational efficiency of SMEs by continually exploring avenues to optimise processes,” he emphasised.

The integration with Google and Microsoft software is poised to empower Employment Hero users to manage their teams securely and efficiently, thereby fostering business growth and sustainability.

These developments build upon Employment Hero’s recent milestones, including surpassing AUD $100 billion in global payroll processing and serving approximately 20% of Australia’s private businesses. Additionally, the availability of Employment Hero’s employer of record service, Global Teams, in 144 countries underscores its commitment to providing comprehensive employment solutions worldwide.

Employment Hero’s strategy of partnering with leading software providers through open API integrations, including Slack, Sage, Xero, and QuickBooks, reflects its ongoing efforts to offer SMEs a versatile platform to manage their workforce effectively, both locally and internationally.