ERP Business in Scotland Transitions to Employee Ownership

1 min read

COFFICIENT, a leading ERP partner in Scotland, has achieved a noteworthy milestone by transitioning to employee ownership. This move reflects Cofficient’s commitment to its team and shared success.

Empowering its employees with ownership stakes fosters innovation and exceptional service. Directors Paul Grant and Paul Tindal see it as a natural fit with their values.

Employees, like ERP consultant Luise Reid, are excited about the change and the strengthened sense of purpose it brings.

Assuring clients of a seamless transition, Cofficient pledges to maintain exceptional service standards and anticipates even greater client satisfaction.

As an employee-owned company, Cofficient is optimistic about its future growth and expansion, with a deeply invested team and unwavering commitment to excellence.

David Beveridge of Macdonald Henderson Ltd. commends Cofficient’s transition, while John Blair of Consilium looks forward to its continued success.

As Cofficient embraces this new chapter with confidence, it aims for success as an employee-owned enterprise committed to excellence.