Microsoft Announces Global Split of Teams and Office Platforms

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Microsoft, the technology giant, has made a strategic decision to globally separate its Teams business messaging and video app from its Office software suite. This move comes after the firm previously initiated the split in Europe last year amidst potential regulatory scrutiny.

Initially integrated into Office in 2017, Teams’ separation from the Office suite aims to provide greater clarity and flexibility for customers worldwide. Responding to feedback from the European Commission and anticipating the needs of multinational companies, Microsoft seeks to offer enhanced options for standardising purchasing across different regions.

According to a Microsoft spokesperson, the decision to introduce Teams Standalone, priced at $5.25 (£4.20) for new customers, aligns with the company’s commitment to meeting customer preferences and regulatory expectations.

Despite this proactive measure, it remains uncertain whether Microsoft’s action will fully address potential antitrust concerns raised by the European Union (EU). Over the years, the company has faced significant fines totaling billions of euros for practices related to bundling or tying products together.

In light of this regulatory landscape, Microsoft’s move underscores its ongoing efforts to navigate complex legal and competitive environments while delivering innovative solutions to its global user base.

Looking ahead, the technology industry will closely monitor how this decision shapes Microsoft’s market position and regulatory relationships, particularly in the evolving landscape of digital platforms and collaboration tools.