NAB taps Greener to reduce businesses’ climate emissions

2 mins read

The National Australia Bank (NAB) has partnered with the start-up Greener to offer its small business customers access to the Greener for Business digital solution. This digital solution, which was launched recently, provides small businesses with a step-by-step climate action plan in the form of business guidance, tools, and resources. Its primary goal is to help businesses reduce their climate impact and work towards achieving net zero emissions by addressing areas such as packaging, waste, and logistics emissions.

During the development of the Greener for Business solution, more than 60 of NAB’s small business customers participated in a pilot program. The participants reportedly found the guidance valuable and expressed a willingness to recommend the digital solution to others. This indicates a positive response to the initiative.

NAB’s data suggests that one in five small businesses in Australia intends to invest in improving the sustainability of their operations over the next two years. Despite economic challenges, many small businesses are recognising the importance of making environmentally conscious investments and prioritising their environmental sustainability.

NAB’s executive for business direct and small business, Ana Marinkovic, emphasises the bank’s commitment to informing and supporting its small business customers in taking actions to address climate change. The bank has also demonstrated its support for Greener through its venture capital arm, NAB Ventures, by leading a seed funding round for the start-up, which raised AUD 4 million. RealVC, an Australian investment firm, also participated in this funding round.