New Initiative Empowers Township Entrepreneurs in Gauteng

2 mins read

In a bid to drive economic growth and empower township entrepreneurs, BizTweak has partnered with the Department of Gauteng Economic Development to re-launch Opportunity Centres across Gauteng. These centres aim to equip small businesses with the vital skills and resources they need to succeed and uplift their communities.

BizTweak, renowned for its innovative business growth solutions, will establish these centres in five strategic townships: Diepsloot (Thlabologo), Diepkloof (Atlehang), Alexandra (Ikamvalethu), Roodepoort (Isiqalo), and Montclare (Simunye). These centres will provide secure environments for business development, offering services such as company registration, access to finance and markets, and training facilities at no cost to entrepreneurs.

This collaboration with the Department of Gauteng Economic Development allows BizTweak to extend its reach and support to even more township entrepreneurs. Arthur Tlou Mahlangu, founder and CEO of BizTweak, emphasised the partnership’s importance in providing necessary support and resources to township entrepreneurs, fostering their growth and success.

Sandile Gwala, manager of the Simunye Opportunity Centre in Montclare, underscored the crucial role of small businesses in the economy. He highlighted that the centre offers a comprehensive range of services, from company registration to access to finance and markets, all at no cost. This inclusive approach ensures that SMEs have equal opportunities to succeed, regardless of their background or financial status. Additionally, the centre provides resources such as boardrooms, training rooms, and computer centres to enhance the operations and competitiveness of SMEs.

The re-launch of these Opportunity Centres is expected to significantly impact the entrepreneurial landscape in Gauteng. By equipping entrepreneurs with the necessary skills and resources, these centres will help them succeed and contribute to the province’s economic growth. With its cutting-edge approach to developing digital solutions, BizTweak is well-positioned to make a substantial impact on the entrepreneurial community in Gauteng.