Oman SMEs to Enjoy Business Banking Account for Growth

2 mins read

In alignment with Oman Vision 2040, BankDhofar proudly unveils its latest offering: the SME Business Banking account. This innovative account is tailored to meet the diverse needs of Oman’s Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) segment, reflecting BankDhofar’s commitment to supporting the country’s economic development.

Key Features of the SME Business Banking Account

Simplified Account Opening: Streamlined account opening and documentation processes across the bank’s extensive network of 115 branches make it hassle-free for businesses to kickstart their banking journey.

POS Connection Support: Customers can leverage SoftPOS and traditional POS systems to streamline cash receivables and enhance sales, empowering businesses to optimise their operations.

WPS Solution: BankDhofar offers a unique Wage Protection System (WPS) solution, simplifying salary payments and providing an efficient payroll management platform accessible online or through branch visits.

Customised Cards: Tailored credit and debit card solutions address the specific requirements of SMEs, offering flexibility and convenience in managing finances.

RCCD Service: Remote Cheque Capture and Deposit services facilitate bulk cheque processing remotely, enhancing efficiency, flexibility, and security in SME business operations.

Payment Gateway: Aspiring SME customers can integrate BankDhofar’s Payment Gateway into their online platforms, enabling seamless collection of payments for e-commerce transactions.

In addition to these features, BankDhofar provides specialised advisory services to assist SMEs in selecting suitable financing and banking solutions aligned with their unique business models. The bank also offers market insights to help SMEs proactively overcome challenges and ensure smooth operations. Furthermore, a range of investment solutions, including time deposits and financial products, are available to help SMEs grow and maximise their surplus funds.

BankDhofar’s dedicated SME department spearheads the implementation of its SME strategy, focusing on the creation of new organic products and services. Collaboration with third parties further extends benefits to SMEs, providing them with financial and technical support to thrive in the competitive landscape.

With unwavering commitment to supporting Oman’s economic growth and development, BankDhofar’s investment in technology and tailored solutions for corporates and SMEs underscores its dedication to realising the objectives outlined in Oman Vision 2040.