OpenAI Expands Presence with First Office in Asia

2 mins read

OpenAI is set to mark its footprint in Asia with the inauguration of its first office in Tokyo, Japan. The announcement comes as the AI research organisation seeks to deepen its collaborations with local businesses and researchers, including industry giants like Toyota Connected, Daikin, and Rakuten.

In a recent blog post, OpenAI revealed that it has also launched an optimised version of its advanced language model, GPT-4, tailored specifically for the Japanese language. This move underscores OpenAI’s commitment to fostering AI advancements that cater to the unique linguistic and technological landscape of Japan.

Tadao Nagasaki, formerly associated with AWS Japan, has been appointed as the president of OpenAI Japan. OpenAI expressed confidence in Nagasaki’s ability to forge strong connections between the organisation and Japan’s burgeoning tech sector.

“We’re excited to be in Japan, which has a rich history of people and technology coming together to do more,” commented Sam Altman, CEO at OpenAI. “We believe AI will accelerate work by empowering people to be more creative and productive, while also delivering broad value to current and new industries that have yet to be imagined.”

The strategic location of the new office is expected to facilitate closer collaboration with prominent Japanese tech companies and foster innovation in the AI domain. OpenAI’s initiative to optimise GPT-4 for the Japanese market aims to enhance the efficiency of translating and summarising Japanese text, offering a tool that operates up to three times faster than the standard GPT-4 Turbo.

OpenAI’s expansion into Asia signifies a significant milestone in its global growth strategy, positioning the organisation to tap into the region’s vibrant tech ecosystem and drive AI innovation across various industries.