Paramount Global Appoints SVP for SME Advertisers

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Paramount Global has appointed Emily Huo as its Senior Vice President of “SMB Advertising,” signalling a strategic move to cater to small-and-medium-sized advertisers. In the streaming era, smaller advertisers can target specific geographic areas or consumer niches, leveraging the flexibility offered by streaming platforms. Paramount joins other media companies like Disney and NBCUniversal in lowering barriers for clients with smaller marketing budgets.

The traditional media sector is undergoing scrutiny as it grapples with declines in traditional ad sales, primarily driven by the shift of TV viewers to streaming platforms. Paramount’s move reflects the industry’s acknowledgment of the growing importance of non-traditional market segments, such as regional and local advertisers and entrepreneurial digital advertisers.

Emily Huo, previously Spotify’s Global Director of SMBG Advertising, brings her expertise to Paramount, emphasising the availability of television advertising to businesses of all sizes. Paramount’s President of Advertising, John Halley, highlighted the company’s commitment to providing geo-targeted inventory to connect directly with small-and-medium-sized businesses.

In addition to Emily Huo, Paramount also welcomed Luke Peng as Vice President of Product for SMB Advertising. Paramount aims to drive marketplace expansion and enhance its offerings for the SMB segment under the leadership of the new appointees. The move reflects the changing dynamics of the advertising landscape and the need for media companies to adapt to evolving market trends.