Payments Commence for Earthquake-Affected Turkey SMEs

1 min read

The Minister of Industry and Technology of Turkey, Mehmet Fatih Kacır, took to his social media platform to announce the initiation of support payments for SMEs affected by recent earthquakes. Highlighting the government’s proactive stance, Minister Kacır revealed that a substantial financing injection of approximately 4 billion TL will be disbursed to businesses within the earthquake zone starting today.

Highlighting the government’s ongoing commitment to SMEs in Turkey, Minister Kacır pointed out that since November 2023, over 15 billion TL has already been allocated to support 11,680 businesses across 39 provinces through KOSGEB. This concerted effort signifies a steadfast dedication to bolstering local economies and aiding businesses in times of crisis.

With the commencement of the latest financing initiative, Minister Kacır affirmed the government’s unwavering support for businesses in the affected regions. He conveyed a resolute message, expressing determination to revitalise cities and stimulate economic growth through innovative projects. As the region embarks on the path to recovery, the government remains steadfast in its mission to fortify businesses and communities, ensuring a brighter future for all.