QDQmedia: Leading the way in the world of digital marketing

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QDQmedia stands as a leading partner in shaping the digital and technological strategies of companies. Juan Mohedano Cuadrado, QDQmedia’s CMO, articulates the company’s diverse services, stating, “We specialize in web pages, SSNN management, e-commerce, presence products, SEO & SEM campaigns, marketplaces, cybersecurity and guiding the customer through their 360º digitalization journey.”
This comprehensive approach positions QDQmedia as a go-to resource for businesses navigating the complexities of the digital landscape. The diverse range of services reflects the company’s commitment to guiding clients through every aspect of their digital journey.

Adapting to External Forces

Juan attributes QDQmedia’s recent success to its ability to adapt and leverage external factors, particularly the deployment of the Next Generation European Funds by the Spanish government. In his words, “The principal driver in the past year was the Next Generation European Funds that have been deployed by the Spanish government.”

Customer-Centricity as the North Star

The overarching mission of QDQmedia, as conveyed by Juan, is to bring the customer of their client ever nearer. This customer-centric ethos aligns seamlessly with the core values of the company—innovation, honesty, transparency, diversity, and flexibility. Juan emphasizes, “Our principal mission is to get the customer of our client closer and closer.”

Methodology Matters: Ensuring Seamless Execution

When discussing the steps taken to ensure the success of new projects, Juan underscores the significance of QDQmedia’s methodology. He states, “Our methodology is key to ensure our projects. We have deployed an internal methodology through our PMO structure to prioritize the work of different teams and to be aligned with the principal objectives.”

Competitive Edge: Technology and Flexibility in Focus

In a fiercely competitive industry, QDQmedia distinguishes itself by harnessing the power of technology, particularly AI capabilities. Juan highlights this commitment, stating, “We are taking advantage of the technological environment through AI capabilities to be competitive and provide our customers the best service and personalized experiences.”

Nurturing Internal Culture and Talent

The internal culture at QDQmedia focuses on being an employee-centered company. He shares, “We have a special team related to people. The strategy of being an employee-centered company gives us a big differentiation in the market.” This attention to people, facilitated by a dedicated team, enables QDQmedia to attract and retain top talent.

Leveraging EU Funds and Strategic Planning

Looking ahead, specific goals are outlined for the next three years, envisioning a strategic plan with detailed initiatives across different areas to guide the company’s growth and priorities. Juan also notes, “Next year our priority is also to continue exploiting the opportunity of the EU Funds.”

Brand Evolution: Transformative Endeavors

In a final note, Juan highlights QDQmedia’s significant focus on its brand. He shares, “Yes, we are working a lot on our brand. It’s an amazing project for any CMO.” The company is undergoing a transformative project that encompasses changes from visual identity to reputation. This concerted effort underscores the importance QDQmedia places on its brand image, reflecting a commitment to staying relevant and dynamic in the ever-changing digital landscape.