Russian SMEs Explore Economic Cooperation in Wuhan

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In order to promote bilateral economic and trade cooperation and provide chances for mutual growth, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from Wuhan -Jiangxia District in Hubei Province, China, and Russia recently engaged in an exchange activity.

Headed by Shu Guichuan, the district’s leader, Jiangxia is committed to fostering a modern industrial ecosystem fueled by technological innovation while prioritizing cost-effective solutions. Shu extended a warm invitation to Russian SMEs to explore development opportunities in Jiangxia, emphasising a collaborative approach to achieving mutual success.

Alexander Kalinin, President of the All-Russian Non-Governmental Organisation of Small and Medium Business (OPORA Russia), praised Wuhan-Jiangxia’s advancements in automotive, new materials, and high-tech industries. He emphasised the importance of enhanced communication and cooperation between Russia and Jiangxia to elevate bilateral economic ties.

During the exchange, leading enterprises in the automotive, healthcare, new energy, and intelligent manufacturing sectors in Jiangxia engaged with the Russian SMEs delegation to explore potential business collaborations. The event witnessed the signing of a letter of intent to cooperate between sixteen Chinese and Russian companies, heralding a new era of partnership.

Entrepreneurial representatives from OPORA Russia also visited local enterprises, including Cornex New Energy and Jinpan Technology, to discuss economic and trade cooperation in new energy equipment, auto parts, and healthcare products, further solidifying the foundation for bilateral exchanges and collaborations.