Square launches new AI tools for businesses

2 mins read

Square, a versatile e-commerce and point-of-sale platform, has unveiled ten novel artificial intelligence tools aimed at empowering small businesses in diverse sectors to enhance efficiency and concentrate on fostering growth. These AI-powered features encompass two distinct areas: content creation and business management.

In the realm of content creation, Square has introduced six innovative tools. The first two, Menu Generator and Photo Environments, harness image generation capabilities to craft visually engaging food menus and seamlessly replace photo backgrounds with realistic alternatives. Subsequently, the suite includes four additional tools, namely Personalised Email Copy, Team Announcements, Website Copy Generator, and Suggested Replies, which utilise LLM (Large Language Models) algorithms reminiscent of Chat-GPT. These tools have the capacity to generate an array of texts tailored to various platforms and communication purposes.

Moving beyond content creation, the remaining four features have been crafted to simplify business management tasks. The Auto-Generated Library enables sellers to swiftly expand their product catalogs by integrating auto-recommended items. Service-based businesses, such as spas and advisors, can now take advantage of Auto-Imported Services to effortlessly transfer appointments between booking platforms. In the restaurant industry, Square introduces the Kitchen Category system, leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance coordination between front-of-house and back-of-house operations. Lastly, Item Descriptions allow users to expedite the addition of new products to their digital point-of-sale systems without the tedious process of composing individual listings for each entry.

Square’s introduction of these AI tools reflects a broader trend among social media and e-commerce platforms. As businesses increasingly integrate artificial intelligence into their products and services, small business owners have access to an array of innovative solutions to engage with their audiences more effectively and manage their operations more efficiently. While not every feature may be relevant to every business, entrepreneurs should remain informed about the latest AI integrations in their respective industries to stay competitive and seize growth opportunities.