Target brings on Twelve brands to its accelerator

2 mins read

The Target Forward Founders accelerator program is an initiative by Target Corporation that supports early-stage entrepreneurs by providing education, tools, and connections to help them prepare their consumer packaged goods for retail shelves. The program is an immersive 10-week experience, and it includes various product categories, with a focus on food and beverage brands and several other categories. Here are the food and beverage brands selected for the program:

  1. Abisola Whiskey: A modern-day whiskey brand that blends bourbon and malt whiskeys.
  2. Aruba’s Halal Kitchen: Offers a line of frozen halal meals.
  3. Bebe’s All Natural Masalas: Provides a collection of Indian masala sauces and chutney.
  4. Cálido: Offers gluten-free, Bolivian cassava cheese snacks.
  5. Confusion Snacks: A maker of ready-to-eat popcorn with South Asian flavours.
  6. Eunice Foods: Offers a range of Caribbean spices, seasonings, foods, and beverages.
  7. Josu: A line of flavoured salts inspired by Korean cuisine.
  8. Mocktails for Mommy: A brand of alcohol-free libations.
  9. Proletas: Ice cream bars with added protein.
  10. Soul Grain: A brand of granola flavoured with North African and Caribbean spices.
  11. Stellar Granola: A line of granola blends enhanced with nutrient-dense ingredients.
  12. TATU Protein: A brand of ready-to-drink flavoured water formulated with whey protein.

The program not only provides support and education but also helps participants create a retail action plan, offers coaching from Target buyers, connects them with a network of experts, and provides a $5,000 stipend. This initiative is aimed at nurturing emerging brands, fostering diversity and inclusion, and providing equitable opportunities in the retail sector. It’s a significant opportunity for these food and beverage entrepreneurs to scale their businesses and potentially see their products on Target store shelves.