UK School Wins $150,000 Climate Innovation Prize at COP28

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Northfleet Technology College in Kent, United Kingdom, has been awarded the Zayed Sustainability Prize of $150,000 (£118,000) for climate innovation at the COP28 summit in Dubai. The school earned the prize for its innovative beehive business, where two beehives produce honey and wax that are utilised in creating sustainable products. The sale of these products generates income for 6,000 pupils across 10 schools. Any surplus funds are invested in developing smaller school sites for food crop production, solar power systems, and environmental monitoring.

The project, focusing on food sustainability, community involvement, and entrepreneurship, has not only created a source of income but also serves as an educational platform for other schools. Pupils from Northfleet plan to use the prize money to take mobile beehives around the UK to share their sustainability message with a broader audience.

The Zayed Sustainability Prize recognises and rewards innovative projects and solutions that address global challenges, and the Kent school’s beehive initiative was among the 11 winners at the ceremony, attended by various heads of delegations participating in COP28. The prize underscores the school’s commitment to promoting environmental sustainability and community engagement.