UK SME Council Membership Unveiled Ahead of Inaugural Meeting

2 mins read

In a move signalling the unwavering support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) of UK government, the membership of the new Small Business Council has been revealed ahead of its first meeting scheduled later today. Led by Small Business Minister Kevin Hollinrake, the council aims to address key challenges faced by SMEs and provide them with direct access to governmental support.

With SMEs constituting a staggering 99.9% of businesses in the UK and contributing significantly to job creation and economic turnover, the establishment of this council underscores the government’s recognition of its pivotal role in driving the nation’s prosperity.

The council’s membership comprises representatives from prominent small business organisations such as Small Business Britain, the Federation of Small Businesses, and Family Business UK, alongside SMEs themselves. Among the notable members are Northern Ireland’s Environmental Street Furniture, Midlands-based D-Drill, and London’s Creative Nature Superfoods, reflecting the diversity and dynamism of the UK’s SME landscape.

Scheduled to convene for its inaugural meeting, the council is poised to tackle pressing issues confronting SMEs, including access to finance, skills development, and regulatory barriers. Through collaborative efforts and informed dialogue, it endeavours to amplify the voices of small businesses and champion their interests within governmental corridors.

Small Business Minister Kevin Hollinrake emphasised the importance of the council’s work, citing his own experience in a small business as instrumental in understanding the challenges faced by SMEs. He underscored the government’s commitment to providing small firms with a platform to articulate their concerns and drive positive change.

Key stakeholders within the SME community, including Tina McKenzie MBE of the Federation of Small Businesses, and Neil Davy of Family Business UK, welcomed the council’s establishment, highlighting its potential to address the unique challenges small firms face and foster economic growth.

As the council prepares to embark on its maiden session, expectations are high for tangible outcomes that will empower SMEs and propel them towards sustained success. With a united front and a shared commitment to advancing the interests of small businesses, the stage is set for the council to make a meaningful impact on the UK’s entrepreneurial landscape.