Wilko plans to shut 52 shops next week

The news was relayed to the affected shop employees at the stroke of 10:00 BST, a moment that has sent shockwaves through the Wilko workforce.

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In a move set to reverberate across the retail landscape, administrators from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) have officially named the 52 Wilko stores destined for closure next week. The beleaguered chain, grappling with financial turmoil, has been forced to make these tough decisions, casting a shadow of uncertainty over the future of over 1,000 staff members and the fate of the iconic brand itself.

Administrators at PwC have declared that the first tranche of 26 Wilko stores will cease operations next Tuesday, with the remaining 28 outlets following suit on Thursday, the 14th of September. This drastic action comes in the wake of what PwC describes as the “absence of viable offers” for the entire company, leaving them with little recourse but to trim the struggling retailer’s expansive portfolio.

Prominent among the list of closures are stores situated in prominent locations such as Liverpool, Cardiff, Acton, and Falmouth, further underscoring the grim reality facing Wilko’s employees and the communities they have faithfully served.

Edward Williams, one of the joint administrators at PwC, emphasised that these closures and the ensuing job losses are regrettable yet necessary measures, owing to the stark lack of interested buyers willing to step in and rescue the ailing giant. “The loss of these stores will be felt not only by the team members who served them with such dedication, including through the uncertainty of recent weeks, but also the communities which they have been a part of,” stated Mr. Williams.

Tuesday bore witness to the somber announcement of over 1,300 redundancies, encompassing not only the 52 shuttering stores but also encompassing Wilko’s distribution and support centres. The news was relayed to the affected shop employees at the stroke of 10:00 BST, a moment that has undoubtedly sent shockwaves through the Wilko workforce.

While a glimmer of hope remains with a £13 million deal between Wilko and B&M for up to 51 of the company’s properties, the future of the Wilko brand, as well as the fate of an additional 300 stores, remains shrouded in uncertainty. A more comprehensive rescue package, tabled by HMV’s Doug Putman, has been held up by funding challenges, further compounding the woes of this once-venerable retailer.

PwC, however, affirmed their ongoing commitment to seeking potential saviours for various parts of the business and the preservation of as many jobs as possible. Nevertheless, a stark warning looms on the horizon as they acknowledge the potential necessity for “further store closures,” should the financial quagmire persist.

Wilko, once an indomitable presence on the British High Street, succumbed to administration in August, succumbing to mounting losses. With a staff count of approximately 12,500 and an expansive network of 400 stores, its recent struggles can be attributed to the relentless competition posed by rivals such as B&M, Poundland, and Home Bargains.

As the uncertain future of Wilko unfolds, other retailers such as Dunelm and Toolstation have extended a lifeline to Wilko employees, encouraging them to apply for positions within their ranks.