Windsor business owners worry bridge repairs will stall sales

2 mins read

Local businesses in Windsor are expressing growing apprehension as repair work on a nearby footbridge threatens to disrupt their crucial Christmas trade. The extensive refurbishment project, scheduled to span approximately four months, has yet to confirm a commencement date. However, these impending repairs have cast a shadow of uncertainty over the viability of numerous enterprises in the area.

While acknowledging the need for the footbridge’s refurbishment, local business owners worry that the process will impede sales.

The footbridge, connecting Windsor Coach Park to the town centre, falls under the ownership of Network Rail, with the council holding the responsibility for repairs and maintenance. The council maintains that the refurbishment is imperative to preserve the structure and enhance the welcoming atmosphere of the Berkshire town. Despite recognising the concerns of local businesses, the council’s statement stressed the inherent challenges of scheduling such works in a town like Windsor, known for its year-round appeal to tourists.

Crucially, the bridge’s proximity to a functioning railway platform necessitates the complete encapsulation of the structure in scaffolding, adding to the complexity of the project. However, the council reassured businesses that access to their premises would be maintained throughout the renovation process. In an innovative gesture, the council also extended an offer to businesses, permitting them to display promotional signage on the scaffolding.

As the saga unfolds, businesses in Windsor remain on edge, hopeful for a resolution that safeguards their Christmas trade while facilitating the essential refurbishment of the footbridge. The delicate balancing act between commerce and infrastructure improvement now rests in the hands of the council, as local entrepreneurs await a decision that could significantly impact their future prosperity.