Zomato Launches Crowd-Supported Weather Infrastructure

1 min read

Zomato, the renowned food aggregator, has unveiled a groundbreaking initiative: weatherunion.com. This new platform is set to revolutionise access to real-time weather data, providing invaluable insights to businesses and individuals alike.

weatherunion.com boasts a network of 650 on-ground stations, offering localised information on crucial weather parameters such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, and rainfall. Spearheaded by Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal, this innovative venture aims to empower users with accurate and timely weather information.

Currently available in 45 major cities, weatherunion.com is poised for rapid expansion across India. CEO Deepinder Goyal envisions the platform as a nationwide resource, catering to the diverse weather needs of communities and businesses.

In a bid to foster community engagement, Zomato invites volunteers to host weather stations at their premises, encouraging participation in the nation-building process. This collaborative effort aligns with Zomato’s commitment to leveraging technology for the greater good.

Furthermore, weatherunion.com offers free access to its database for public institutions and companies, promoting the widespread use of real-time weather data to enhance decision-making and productivity.

As Zomato continues to innovate and address societal needs, weatherunion.com stands as a testament to the company’s dedication to serving the community and driving technological advancement in India.