Alphidence Capital

Systematic Macro Hedge Fund Manager of the Year – London, UK 2023 Alphidence Capital Ltd. began trading in November 2020.The company founded by Igor Yelnik continues to research and innovate the Systematic Macro strategy that he has pioneered throughout his investment career.

Avation PLC

Avation is an established aviation company specializing in aircraft leasing and trading. It is privately owned by a group of investors. With a global presence, Avation operates in various countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, and Singapore. The company provides leasing services

ADO Furniture

ADO Furniture is a Lithuanian company specializing in various products that can make a home or office more comfortable. The range includes anything from sofas, armchairs, and poufs to sideboards, side tables, make-up tables, and desks. You can also find beds and

AI-generated Deepfake Technology for Advertising Purposes

The news report discusses how Singaporean actress, model, and former radio DJ, Jamie Yeo, has embraced AI-generated deepfake technology for advertising purposes. Deepfake technology involves using artificial intelligence to create highly realistic videos or images of individuals, making it appear as though